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The Day I Lost My Bigotry

Raised in the 50’s with a southern heritage, I was inculcated with a racist bias.  My grandparents were the grandchildren of slave owners and nigger was just a descriptive like Chinese, Indian or Italian.  My grandpa Underwood called them “neegras,” … Continue reading

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A Mule Named Homer

I got my first horse when I was 15 – a loaner.  He belonged to Frank, a wheat farmer near Scott City, Kansas; a friend of the family.  His son, Ray-Lee, worked for my dad.  We’d go pheasant hunting each fall on … Continue reading

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The Journey

I was plopped in the River Mike on December 19, 1946, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at 4:45 in the morning.  And thus my journey began.  This is the section where I’ll share stories from the trip so far.

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I’ve Always Made Things

I grew up in a maker family.  When I was young I worked in the family factory.   My biography will tell of the two factories I’ve owned and the western saddle I made.  Now I’m retired but I still … Continue reading

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The return on investing in politicians

From James Dale Davidson’s upcoming book, The Breaking Point: The Sunlight Foundation – a nonpartisan watchdog group that tracks lobbyist spending and influence in both parties – reported on research it undertook between 2007 and 2012, tracking 200 of America’s … Continue reading

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Its On My Mind

I think a lot and I’m opinionated.  Take what you want and leave the rest.

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Moron Americans Ban Sharia Law

This is a perfect example of the misinformed hysteria and willful ignorance of the American public. Imagine a Baptist Church in Texas whose members felt that civil courts, being secular, were not understanding of God’s laws, as they, being Baptists … Continue reading

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