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American Exceptionalism

America is a Christian nation, and it shows. I think Americans get the idea that they are exceptional from their religious faith. After all, they, and only they, know who God really is. The fact that they worship at a … Continue reading

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Is Truth Ever Absurd?

The answer is plainly found in one definition of the word absurd: “utterly opposed to truth”  Another definition I found on the internet is, “something that is so untrue or impossible it is funny.” Most definitions include the words illogical, and unreasonable. … Continue reading

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse.

What if you were found guilty of a crime so serious that you were sentenced to spend the rest of your life in prison?  For me that would be worse than a death sentence, but to make my point we’ll … Continue reading

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Forgiveness requires sacrifice?

I just watched a youtube video in which a minister explained why God couldn’t just forgive the humans he had created without first torturing and killing his son Jesus.  His explanation was that “Real forgiveness comes from restitution, from costs, from … Continue reading

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