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Good fences make good neighbors.

I love Mexico.  And Mazatlan is an awesome place to live; but, like anywhere else on the planet, it has it’s downside. Someone stole a new lawn chair from our roof.  I’m not sure exactly when. We’ve only owned it … Continue reading

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Materialism versus Idealism. So what?

To say that the underlying assumption that we live in a materialistic reality is a belief shared by 99.9% of the people in the western world is probably understating it by several orders of magnitude.  Only in the eastern religions will … Continue reading

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What flavor are you?

A religious friend of mine “liked” the following post, which caused it to pop up in my facebook feed. For six years now I have traveled for my Lord. After a half century of pastoring, or denominational work, I have … Continue reading

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When grocery boys made $18 an hour.

The headline reads “Shake Shack Confirms Worst Minimum-Wage-Hike’ Fears – “It’s Going Up Too Fast… We Can’t Catch Our Breath” Yeah Shake Shack.  That’s what happens when America tries to catch up after 50 years of underpaying its unskilled laborers. Before I go any … Continue reading

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