Moron Americans Ban Sharia Law

This is a perfect example of the misinformed hysteria and willful ignorance of the American public.

Imagine a Baptist Church in Texas whose members felt that civil courts, being secular, were not understanding of God’s laws, as they, being Baptists interpreted them. They felt they would rather submit their differences to a church tribunal, knowing that the decision of the church was not legally binding, nor were its edicts recognized by the secular courts. In other words “Let’s let the family decide”.

Now, if you were a Texan, would you feel threatened by this in any way? Not unless you were stupid. Okay… maybe I should pick a different state.

Muslims are not trying to impose their religious beliefs on anyone. Quite the contrary. Such a tribunal is an internalization of their beliefs, i.e. settling differences within their religious framework rather than taking them to civil courts.

This is the shit that makes me crazy. Good people doing bad things because they are afraid. Fear is our only prison, and we’re the warden.

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