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Universal income is not an option. It’s inevitable.

An article in this morning’s New York Times, “The Robots Are Coming”  raises the issue of what has been called a “universal income.”  The potential political candidate in the article, Andrew Yang, is proposing that the government should provide each adult … Continue reading

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Ever heard of the petrodollar?

You have undoubtedly heard the term “petrodollar.” But, like most Americans, you probably don’t have a clue as to what it means, or how it has completely and totally affected the lives of every American.  And caused the deaths of … Continue reading

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Bitcoins ain’t tulips.

This article entitled “Clint Eastwood’s Advice on Bitcoin Speculation,” is a perfect example of the kind of crap advice being given by financial commentators who are trapped in the old paradigm – only dollars are money. In it he compares the large … Continue reading

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When grocery boys made $18 an hour.

The headline reads “Shake Shack Confirms Worst Minimum-Wage-Hike’ Fears – “It’s Going Up Too Fast… We Can’t Catch Our Breath” Yeah Shake Shack.  That’s what happens when America tries to catch up after 50 years of underpaying its unskilled laborers. Before I go any … Continue reading

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American Exceptionalism

America is a Christian nation, and it shows. I think Americans get the idea that they are exceptional from their religious faith. After all, they, and only they, know who God really is. The fact that they worship at a … Continue reading

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The return on investing in politicians

From James Dale Davidson’s upcoming book, The Breaking Point: The Sunlight Foundation – a nonpartisan watchdog group that tracks lobbyist spending and influence in both parties – reported on research it undertook between 2007 and 2012, tracking 200 of America’s … Continue reading

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Moron Americans Ban Sharia Law

This is a perfect example of the misinformed hysteria and willful ignorance of the American public. Imagine a Baptist Church in Texas whose members felt that civil courts, being secular, were not understanding of God’s laws, as they, being Baptists … Continue reading

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